Friday, November 18, 2005


You all think I am having nervous breakdown and forgot to blog izzit? nolar.. I am still here of course with some stressed out brain and body but I am ok. no worries all. Manage to clear my desk today after sooo many months. Phew what a relief. EEk my desk is grey in colour? I don't even know dat. there are so much JUNK that i can't even see the top part. Wat happened to me these few days? Well, for one Emma was sick last few days ago and I did not get enough sleep. This caused my Blood pressure shoot up to 150/100. YIKES. I was told by my doctor to eat medicine but if i am not mistaken if I start on the medicine I am going to marry the medicine lor. What to do? to eat or not to eat?

Me and Medicine happily married for Eternal

Emma was so funny last few days. Remember that i told you that she loves hat. Well she has a new hat. It was her box. Remember her birthday box. Well. she placed the box on top of her head and walk around banging on tables and chairs. Aiyo... oh well I think we need to buy her a real hat otherwise she will use her tampui next (Tampui means potty).

After her hat incident, she created a very funny looking device. We call it bicycle on basket. What she did is placing a basket near her favorite stool and then carry her bicycle on top of the basket and stool. She did it all by herself. She was soo happy and proud of her device, she clapped her hands and force me to clap together with her too. I was proud of her creativity and great imagination but then scolded her when she tried to climb on the bicycle while it is on top of the basket. i think she is going to be a great stunt woman next time. Step aside Michelle Yeoh, Emma Chan is hear. Hmmmmmmm What am i going to do with all those money.....

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

What a SHITTY day!!!

SHIT man!!!! Sorry for my harsh words but that is what actually happened to me this early morning. I was so scold by a father for trying to help her daughter. Ok that is IT. Not more helping anymore. I am now going to be the UNIVERSE most badest person. I don't want to help anyone anymore. What is this world turning INTO?


I want FAIRNESS I want JUST people to love each other and treat ppl respect. Can I have that? Oh Man. I am feeling very down NOW. Sometimes you just don't want to do anything anymore. I want to just go home and Sleep and don't want to wake up anymore. Thomas actually ask me to get a hobby. WHAT a HOBBY!!! WHAT freaking HOBBY!!!

My Hobby list

  1. Shopping --> no money
  2. Gardening --> me gardening? I think is the plants and flowers planting me instead
  3. Listening to music --> have you all heard the music now adays.....what are they shouting at! is like music + AAAAAAAAAAAAA = Top chart. i think my emma can do that
  4. Watching movies --> STRESS man STRESS.
  5. Playing sports --> By the time I go home, the only thing I can play is nightTon and Tennight or maybe nightball. or maybe Killing mosquitoes
  6. Dancing --> With THOSE musics? AIYo
  7. Head dead already too much Hobby thinking

So any guys and gals out there know what hobby good for me, please feel free to email me or sms me.

ok my hubby meant well to ask me to find a hobby so dat my mind can be occupied but what hobby? oh well. going back to square one which is my old hobby.

WAKE UP --> WORK --> GO HOME --> SLEEP --> repeat this for enternal life

Friday, November 04, 2005

Pierced Ears

I got my ear pierced a few days ago. Not sure why I did it but I DID it. I was so proud of myself. The fear and the pain I am scared no more. But of course the pain was still there the next day and the day after dat becos I kept on forgetting that my ears are pierced. I pulled my ear, I tried new clothes where i had to pull up my shirt for around 30 times and every time I did that OUCH. aiyo. Well at least I got cool painful pierced ears. Haha. My mum and my small sis couldn't believe it when I told them. My sis was shouting in the phone. Haha. It just proved that I can be brave too. Well among all my brothers and sisters, I was the most cowardess of all. I couldn't even tell the cashier that they forgot my pineapple burger that I had paid. My sister asked me to ask them but I went away saying its ok lar. Of course after dat incident my dad keep on reminding me how aiyo I am. I don't even dare to have my ears pierced last time. My small sister is the bravest of all. She even pierced her own ears forgoodness sake. She told me she used spirit and then a very hot and shar needle. What a girl!!!! I am going to dye my hair today. Not sure what color will come out though. As for my daughter, she is going to sleep at her popo's house tonite. YEAH a bit of brief moment to breath. She was very naughty these RAYA holidays. Her popo told me that she is actually bullying me. Aiyoh. Why like dat one? Oh well what to do!

Things we found out about Emma

  1. She says thank you when we give her something
  2. She counts from 1 to 10
  3. She can say A,B,C but only until C and then she jumped to O
  4. She call her daddy DADA and me DADDY. Aiyoooo!!!
  5. She is extremely stubborn
  6. She likes to wear socks and shoes already
  7. She likes to color books, our mirror, our wall and etc
  8. She likes to wear hats even her shorts

Saturday, October 29, 2005


Wow... so long did not write my blog already. Busy Busy Busy. But then I stopped and wonder why am I so BUSY??? I should just slow down and breath. But that is what everyone is doing. Getting busier all the time without stopping and wonder what is going on all around them. Hey guys LIFE is short... Stop for a while and breath. Look around you. Look at those who you love, they may need you to just be there for them for a while. Your kids, your wife, your hubby, your friends, your parents, your boy friend, your girlfriend and etc. They may need you to spend some time with them and they don't dare to ask you abt it bcos they love you so much. Ok what am I doing here? I am BLA BLA BLA. but these are true facts. I was told that the end of the world is coming. Is dat true? Maybe and Maybe not. but IT is coming. There are so many signs earthquakes, typhoon, huricane, flooding and etc. These are what happening these few weeks during the time when I am not blogging. oklar... all very bad things one. let me tell you the good things then.

  1. Saw Sky High movie - very very good for me. Love the kids. Kurt russel is a bit too much but the rest is ok

  2. went to a reunion dinner at MamboKing with my friends. Sam, Ngee Jee, Christopher, Belinda, Siok Ching, Mei Mei. We had quite a fun time. Emma was there and she vomitted on me. YUCK. she had lots of fun bcos there are other kids there too. She wanted to play with them but they ignored her so she went to sit with the Taukeh Nio.(Boss Lady). She was sitting at a table near the counter. Emma went to sit with her and actually talked to her too using baby talk of course. The other kids are realy really YUCK. If i can put bad words in my blog, I will but I can't. Why are they yuckie? This is the story. There are free postcards there for us to take and these kids took them and threw them on the floor. Emma picked them up for them and was hit by one of the kid. I was so geram I wanted to KILLLLL him. Emma was so good. She did not cry at all actually she did not know at all that the kid hit her. I told Thomas to bring her out so dat we can go home. Emma was crying of course.Then while I was holding a postcard, suddenly the boy who hit Emma came and wanted to take it away from me. Time for me to revenge. I gave him a very very mean LOOK and hold the postcard tightly so that he cannot take from me. Then i gave him a little PUSH and a KICK.. ok ok the last part is what I imaging I will do but I did not do it. Thomas told me that Emma will need to face these things when she goes to school. I was actually going to put Emma in school soon but I think I am changing my mind. hahahahah

Ok Stopping for now....

Saturday, October 08, 2005

What Do you get when....?

What do you get when you combine a box, a baby, balls and a big red apple....?

Baby+Box + Balls + Apple = Emma in the box full of balls eating apple

The funny thing is that she does not want to come out from the box until she is fed up with the apple. and another funny thing is that she was not so crazy with apples until recently. She was so hungry that day. After drinking 1 bottle of milk(shown at the background), she ate the applet and after that ate some biscuits.... Hold on girl....not too much...oh well, this is the first time I see her eat so much. Usually she does not have that much appetite...

I am trying to teach her how to brush her teeth and boy that is not easy. My mistake is putting the sweet toothpaste on the toothbrush. She actually ate the toothpaste even before brushing her teeth and end up not wanting to brush her teeth. She just stood there putting the brush in her mouth and sucking the toothpaste. When I tried helping her to move her hand to brush, she just push my hands away. I tried not putting the toothpaste and gave it to her. When she put the toothbrush into her mouth, she quickly take it out and use her finger to point at the container containing the toothpaste. She will even put the brush inside her mouth until I put it on. What to do...? Even now at early age, kids are very demanding. I managed to teach her to brush a little and guess how I did that? Dancing..Yup dancing. I actually dance up and down and at the meantime I brush my teeth. She actually follow what i am doing. well good for me too lar.. cos can exercise.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Cleaning Day......

Clean Clean Clean. We had a very tiring day last Saturday cleaning the roller shutter of our school. Altogether there are 8 wonderful helpful ISC(Informatics Student Club) students helping me and Swee Ling. We started at around 9.30 and finished around 10.30. The shutters are so dirty that Antonius asked me and I quoted "How many years have you not washed the shutters?" I smiled and said hmmmmmm I think ever since we moved here... Oh noooo. Oklar...not that badlar. The students did an excellent job and they worked very hard to clean all the shutters. We even mopped our School's signboard actually using MOP. Water was everywhere. We are even thinking of maybe doing this as a part time job. Going to one company to another and clean their shutters for maybe RM100 per piece. Anyone needs some shutter cleaning? We give you 20% discount for early bird. We will be cleaning the toilets next week.. Just kidding.......No worries, we don't torture the students. We had fun.. Just ask them. They are still alive after the clean... hahahhaha

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Yum Yum

Me and my collegues went to a nice steamboat cafe at Jalan mendu last few weeks ago. Not sure why only now I write the blog after so long. Maybe it is because I did not bring my camera there and my friend (the photographer) took the photos and gave me the photos only recently. Sorry ar Colin if I frame you ar..... heheheh Oklar... he gave me the photos quite a well ago already but I kept on forgetting on putting the blog in. I can't remember the name of the steamboat cafe but I think it is either Rock Cafe or Tokyo Cafe or Rocky Cafe...... Something like dat. For those who are interested, it is at Jalan Mendu, a nice corner cafe near a doctor clinic. Obviously those who ate too much can go next door to see the doctor. The steamboat is also halal....

We have soups and barbeque meat and something in redish....

The steamboat is only RM10(not including drinks). Lots of food there and lots of fun too especially with all my friends. Got many types of meat and also vegetables. Meatball, fishball, somethingball(which not sure what the hack is it) and mushrooms......Got crabs, prawns and also sotong......

See the Sotong and meat... yum Yum...

See the oyster....,, Fresh and BIG.....